• Metals
      • Machinery and spares
      • Aluminum Ingots, Copper Cathode 
      • Zinc and lead ingots
      • Thermal Coal 
      • Scrapes 
      • Industrial raw materials   
      • Iron and steel products 

      • High Carbon Steel Wire Rods 
      • Chemicals 
      • Friction material  
      • Imports against specific purchase orders of the Government, Public and private Sectors




      • Cotton, Polyester, Viscose and Blended Fabrics 
      • Cotton Rages, Clips and wastes 
      • Upholstery, Bed Spreads, Machine and Handmade Tapestry 
      • Textile, Jute and Leather made ups i.e. garments, jackets, bags 
      • Towels: Terry, Kitchen, Dish, Wiping 
      • Kitchen ware: Stainless steel, Plastics 
      • Footwear: Dress Shoes, Joggers, Sleepers, Hawaii 

      • Handicrafts: Antique Furniture, Decorative Wooden Moldings and Hand Carvings 
      • Marble and Table tops 
      • General Merchandises for Convenient Stores 
      • Rice: Basmati, Irri-9 & Irri-6 
      • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 
      • Dry Fruits and Dehydrated Vegetables
      • Anything produced in Pakistan and allowed to export


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