VendorAZ ¬†participated in number of International Tenders of small, medium and large magnitudes with Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations financed by World Bank, ADB, IDB, KFW, Kuwait Fund, AIIB Loans, Suppliers Credit, SBLC, DPLC, Counter and Barter Trade on behalf of our principals abroad. We introduced and sold first ever Chinese Thermal Power Plant of 210 MW to Pakistan WAPDA in 1982 and 50 MW wind project in 2016. We have vast experience in International Competitive Bidding (ICB) since 1982. 

We represent Foreign Investors, Financiers, Suppliers, Manufacturers and EPC Contractors in the followings fields:

  • Thermal, Combined Cycle and Coal Power Plants
  • Hydropower, Wind & Solar Farms, Co-generation, Waste to Energy, Biomass power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants based on Thorium and Helium  
  • Diesel Generating Sets Power Plants
  • Development of Mineral Resources including Thermal Coal
  • Telecommunication
  • Laying of Railway Tracks, Locos, Wagons and Coaches¬†
  • Mining & Minerals, Oil & Gas, Refineries projects,
  • Petroleum Products, Coal, Fertilizers, Chemicals,
  • Construction of Dams, Tunnels, Canals, Airports, Highways, Motorway, Metro, Seaport, Oil & Gas Pipelines,
  • 220, 500 KV Substations on turnkey and supply of equipment 
  • 220, 500 KV Transmission Line projects on turnkey and equipment 
  • 220KV & 500 KV Auto & Power Transformers
  • Circuit Breakers, CTs, PTs
  • 220/500 KV Galvanized Steel Towers
  • Surge Arrestors
  • Meters
  • Substation and T/Line Hardware and others
  • Energy Management System
  • Industrial Plants
  • Machineries & Spares,
  • Project Financing
  • Barter and Counter Trades,
  • Others


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